Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Daily Chord

Every musician strikes a chord, and a great many notes even in a single song, but what chord strikes you today? There are a great many tools out there that us musicians use to help us reach these chords too...Have you tried using the SpiderCapo to reach those chords your desire yet? 

We all start our days in a different mood, on a different note (pun intended) and we are all, as musicians, akin to different key signatures, particular chords or notes, etc...but at this moment on this day; What chord are you? 

Personally, I know I am tuned to D. Something about the note, especially 2 octaves below middle C, reverberates within and sends my neurons into a frenzy. Not sure why, that's just who I am I guess. But, this doesn't mean that a D major is my constant mood...some days I am in a more minor progression based mood, some days major, other days a tritone sounds more appealing...which leads me back to my initial question: What chord are you at this moment on this day? The SpiderCapo is a tool that helps me find this chord easier on many days. What interesting and otherwise essentially unachievable chords does the SpiderCapo help you create?

We have a SpiderCapo for all occasions...Contact Us to find out which suits your needs best! 

What we would like to know though, is what chord is your chord of the day? We would also LOVE to see some of your SpiderCapo chords too! 

Most importantly though, as always, Enjoy!!!